Helping You Propel Both Personally & Professionally.

I’m passionate about creating awareness & conscious change in order to
embody your higher self and in turn, help others do the same.

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Topics I Discuss


Transition & Change

Change is external, transition is internal. Helping individuals balance the outer change with the inner transformation is my passion.


Fear & Courage

As humans, one of the main things that keeps us stuck is fear. I’m here to highlight what fear is & help you build the courage to do big things.



Everything is energy, including God. I share my thoughts on how to raise your level of consciousness and embrace the divine already within.


Energy Leadership

Who we are is how we lead. When we develop awareness on how we are showing up , we can alter our responses to align with higher self.


Self Awareness

All change and higher levels of success and satisfaction, first come with increased self-awareness. It all starts with knowing yourself more.


Coaching Skills

As a coach, I’ve witnessed the impact that using coaching skills can improve personal, professional & team relationships.


Coaching Supervision

Are you a coach that is passionate about mastering your craft as well as WHO you are while you coach? Then Coaching Supervision is for you.


Coaching Business

Building a coaching business does not need to be complicated, overwhelming and confusing. I share tips on how to keep it simple & fun.

I’m Mel. I Help Individuals Propel Themselves Forward Personally & Professionally.

Having trained at iPEC, I employ Core Energy Coaching, a methodology focused on getting to the root (or “core”) of an individual’s challenges by identifying and shifting inner thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that block a client’s success.

From this place, they can reduce stress, sustainably connect with their purpose and passion, and experience more fulfillment in all areas of their lives – both personally & professionally.

My passions lies in spirituality, consciousness, purpose, growth, change, transformation, development and the enjoyment of life. I bring these into my work as a coach, supervisor, speaker, entrepreneur and facilitator.

I’m a ICF accredited coach and am dedicated to providing a quality service to every client. My focus is on raising self-awareness, creating courageous conscious change, energy leadership, and coach development.

As a result of my background, life experience and divine guidance, I am in the position today where I am partnering with individuals in various ways to help them increase their self-awareness, make changes to who they are being and living life, as well as have an impact on their careers, relationships, and clients.

I am able to administer the ELI, a leadership assessment recommended by Forbes, which highlights how you are currently showing up in life and using this awareness to create more conscious choices, both personally & professionally.

Certifications & Accreditations

Certified Mentor Coach
Certified Coaching
Supervisor – currently in training

Offers & Experience


Propel with Mel

I partner with women to help them gain clarity and overcome fear so that they can make the bold changes that their soul’s are yearning for.


The Masterful Coach

As I train to become a Coach Supervisor, I’ll be sharing my journey through a blog/podcast. Join me and learn more about Coach Supervision.

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Coach Resource Hub

Coach Resource Hub is your one-stop shop for creating a professional and consistent brand and business as a coach.


Workshops & Speaking

Would you like me to speak at your event, company or on your podcast? I love sharing my voice & knowledge about certain topics.

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“Who you are, is how you do everything in life. It’s not only about what you want to do with your life, but who you want to
be while you’re doing life.”

What People Are Saying

I was glad to meet Melissa. Melissa showed me how to find my inner voice, to tackle the problems that concern me. The coaching process was a great inspiration for self-knowledge and personal development. Melissa is an excellent personal coach, approachable, understanding, and really organized. It is very useful for any person who is looking for a safe “mind-place” to sort out their stuckness, I left every session with a relief. Strongly recommended.


Taking the ELI Assessment and going through the debrief with Melissa has given me so much more self awareness. The way in which she helped me to understand the results helped to highlight who I am at my core, as well as how I normally show up in life. I now have a better idea of where I am holding myself back, and that I can consciously choose to make the changes I need to. I have not doubt that with continued coaching with Melissa, I will be able to raise my energy levels, and be able to lead myself and others better!


I felt more confident and less stressed. Very compassionate, intuitively tuned into what I was thinking and feeling, and was always working through each step with me as my accountability partner. I highly recommend working with Melissa. She is caring, compassionate, and gets results.


Melissa coached me through a stressful time in my career. My biggest takeaways were strategies for taking care of me and staying present during this time. Melissa is a powerful coach who truly cares about her clients and want to understand them deeply. I would recommend her especially to introverts as I know she would instantly make anyone feel comfortable.


Melissa has the ability to connect immediately with an individual, her charismatic and empathetic nature, allowed for me to be motivated to get back on my path to looking for employment that would best suit my character and allow for me to carry on in my career development. Melissa was able to provide me with incredible perspective, that I will use throughout my career and personal life. This has definitely been a transformative experience, I am truly happy with the outcome, and would like to thank her for this opportunity to work hand in hand with her. I start my new job in February.


I loved working with Melissa and being her client. What I liked the most was that she is so genuine and gentle. She truly feels what a person needs and tunes into that. I need a lot of space to process my thoughts when in a session and she was totally able to give me that. I worked with another coach before, and experience with Melissa was way better. She also has an outstanding knowledge and experience when it comes to marketing and branding, and we even combined some of that into one of the session, when I had that need. Totally recommend her. You will be in good hands!


My time with Melissa was both enjoyable and beneficial. She is a caring professional that listens with compassion. She guided me into understanding myself better and helped me see things from a different perspective. All in all, our sessions made me feel heard & connected, which is unusual in these unconnected times. I left each session with clarity and peace of mind.


During my ELI debrief with Melissa, she uncovered my inner emotions that I thought no one could have understood. She guided me through the process with ease and her analysis was on point. I was able to see a clearer picture of the person I truly am and what I need to do to become an even better individual at work and in life. I honestly enjoyed our session as it not only provided clarity but highlighted my strengths and how I can incorporate it into my daily life going forward. I can’t wait for our next session!


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